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SlingStone Business Consulting ERP

ERP Solution

SlingStone Business Consulting (SSBC) specialises in Business Transformation Advisory services. Our mission is to deliver solutions that align with our clients’ strategy and business model.We consult differently by challenging the status quo while empowering our clients. We see our clients as business partners and are vested in seeing them succeed. We achieve this by asking the right questions to understand your business, pain points and challenges you are trying to overcome, and come up with recommendations to overcome your challenges. We promote continuous business transformation and continually looking for new ways of working to add value to our clients. Our expertise is in implementing ERP software locally and globally. We help our clients fully realise the benefits of their ERP solution. We can help our clients at the following phases: Pre-ERP Implementation; During ERP Implementation and Post ERP Implementation.

Corporate Training

We help corporate organisations reduce external consulting fees by training their workforce virtually or help set up their business analysis centre of excellence or Project Management Office.

SlingStone Business Consulting Training
SlingStone Business Consulting Improvement process

Process Improvement

In our experience, teams that master their processes are more innovative and more profitable. Our focus is always to deliver results by quickly identifying problem areas and developing a solution strategy. We help our clients come up with their business process master list, document these processes while identifying waste and duplication, agree on the improved process and communicate and train out the new agreed process

Robotic Process Automation

When we evaluate your business processes, we lookout for four key aspects;

  • Is the process rule-based?
  • Does it start with a digital trigger?
  • Does it function in a stable process?
  • Is it high volume and repetitive?

When your processes meet the above conditions, they tend to be susceptible to human error, difficult to scale, and reduced job satisfaction. Technology can help through the use of RPA solution for repetitive, rules-based processes. We work closely with our clients to ensure your RPA solution implementation is successful, adequately supported, and integrated with your business for maximum performance and value.

SlingStone Business Consulting Robotic automation process
SlingStone Business Consulting Improvement process

Public Courses

We offer Business Analysis and PMO Analyst public courses. Our public courses are delivered virtually using a holistic approach and instructor-led. Our career transition courses continue beyond the virtual classroom where we offer project experience, CV workshop, job interview preparation and mentoring.