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Group Coaching Program

Our Career Management three-month Coaching program is for job seekers and anyone changing careers or looking to career transition land their dream job. Our clients start our initial meeting feeling and lacking confidence in their abilities and letting their limiting beliefs stop them from achieving their career goals. These limiting beliefs emerge due to endless job application rejections or lack of advancement in their chosen career etc. By the time they have completed our program, they have tons of confidence in themselves and develop a growth mindset.

Our Career Management Coaching program challenges our clients to think outside the box through actionable steps and exercises such as:

  • Overcoming your limiting beliefs
  • Discovering your personality type 
  • Selling the best version of you 

At the end of our Career Management Coaching program, our clients:  

  • Acquire the lifetime skill of writing a CV that always lands you interviews
  • Understand how to impress hiring managers during their interviews
  • Grow in confidence in landing their dream job
  • Lifetime skill of knowing how to generate job opportunities
  • Transform how you think about advancing your career



Get Started for Just £300 or $400/month. 

Month 1: 

  • Mindset/Limiting Beliefs
  • Discovering your personality type
  • Skills Analysis
  • Daily Action Plan including a Job search strategy

Month 2:

  • Write a winning CV
  • Write a winning cover letter
  • How to generate job opportunities

Month 3:

  • Write an outstanding LinkedIn profile that gets you noticed
  • Applying for jobs
  • Networking to get job interviews
  • Job interview coaching/role-playing