Business Analyst Future Trend

I keep getting asked the question, is Business Analyst a dying career? My simple answer is no. It gets a bit tricky when I am asked to back my answer with data. Many career growth reports do not recognize business analyst as a career, or it is included as part of another role such as requirements engineer or IT project manager.

I couldn’t contain my excitement when I read the World Economic Forum report listing the top 10 skills for 2025.

The 10 skills listed, are some of the skills a competent business analyst must have combined with some technical and business domain knowledge.

According to the report, “Critical thinking and problem-solving top the list of skills that employers believe will grow in prominence in the next five years. These have been consistent since the first report in 2016”.

Critical Thinking – A Business Analyst must be able to ask probing questions, identify patterns, trends, gaps and analyse all the options to come up with a logical solution.

Problem Solving – A Business Analyst helps to understand and define the business problem and recommend possible solutions.

I finally have the data to back up my answer.