Productivity… a reality desired by many, yet so elusive. But why? Why does productivity seem impossible? It is largely because it requires intentionality and not many are willing to give it. Here are a few mental shifts that can help you to enhance productivity.

1. Training and Practice are to you what engine oil is to your car – The difference between an amateur and a professional is what they know. Training enhances your capacity, whilst practice builds your efficiency. When you get better, everything else gets better. So, work towards getting better. Learn. Practice. Repeat!

2. Plan everything –
Yes! From what you’ll eat and wear to how you’ll make that pitch… plan everything! Leave nothing to chance or fate. You have no idea how much time is wasted trying to figure out what to eat or wear… Seems like a simple task but it is a major time thief. Give your resources a purpose by planning for them.

3. The process is for progress –
The process is a means to an end; it has a purpose that should be kept in view. What’s the point of showing up at work every day? Why are you delaying gratification and saving money? Why do you work out every morning? Why have you still been a person of integrity when everyone around you is bending the rules? What’s the endgame?
At every point in time, remember the “why”.

4. Leverage on the knowledge and experience of others – DIY will not get you very far. Every problem you encounter has been solved by another person; find them (or their work) and leverage on their knowledge and experience. Don’t be so proud that you’re willing to waste time trying to learn from scratch!

5. Seek to understand  –
Understand yourself. Understand the situation you’re in. Understand your environment. Understand people.

6. The difference between stress and pressure is your interpretation –
Some problems come bearing gifts that we will never see until we actually take the step to unravel them. Your interpretation of the situations in your life largely determines the outcome.
Now, please don’t go overboard with this. There are situations that are no good; we must recognize them for what they are and respond accordingly.

7. Help others –
Nobody goes very far with just “me, myself and I”. Do what you can to support others on their journey. Lend a helping hand to someone else on their journey to be and do better.