Tim Brown of IDEO said it best when he made the statement “Design has become too important to be left to the designers”. This has been proven to be true by the likes of Airbnb, Apple, Procter & Gamble, as they have been known to transform their business processes using design thinking.

In one of our previous articles, we helped answer the question “what is design thinking?” by explaining that it is all about keeping the customer at the center of innovation. We also outlined how this concept can help your organisation. Now the question of how to integrate it into the business lies before us, especially when top tier management are yet to grasp the concept.

Within the next few paragraphs, we have listed 4 ways which we believe will help any organisation ease into the phase and keep driving the process until the entire organisation catches on.

Theoretically, this may sound simple, but from experience, we can guarantee that it takes some practice.

  1. Get the top management involved. This, like every new idea, will require the organisations’ top leadership to signoff. If you are the organisation’s top leadership, this step will be easy as it means you are already considering the idea of transformation through design thinking.
  2. Consider making it a buzz word. Buzzwords usually catch on pretty fast and in most cases, when used often enough, and in the right context, seem trendy. By introducing the term in meetings and drop-ins, most people will consider it important.
  3. Share its values. How do vision statements stick in an organisation? By repetition. By sharing the advantages of this “new-found” idea within the organisation, and how it will help position the organisation for growth, other members will get involved and become evangelists.
  4. Live it. You cannot truly teach what you do not experience; so consider the team as your clients by leading with empathy and expressing idea of design thinking in your leadership.